IP to Rs232

Can the Startech RS-232/422/485 Serial over IP Ethernet Device Server (StarTech ID: NETRS2321E) be used in place of the Itach? It is less expensive.

Maybe you’re in another country. Here in the US, that device is more to much more expensive. The iTach line is both less expensive and significantly superior to the alternatives that we are aware of.

In the case of third-party serial adapters like that, there is a chance they will work as sometimes they just open a port which means you can try adding a device via Manual IP and acting as if it is an IP device instead of a serial device. This is why we let you select the serial command set when applicable on adding IP devices. However, we have not tested that device specifically, and if only for the Multiple Connections feature of the iTach plus the fact that it is cheaper and that we support it, we would strongly advise against just random experimentation with such products.

There are cases where serial is a huge aspect of a particular job for instance if you need 16 serial port servers and such where we do advise using different products, but for the general case like this, the IP2SL and WF2SL are definitely your best bet.