IR control

I have all my AV equpiment centralized in a cabinet, my issue is all the fios set top boxes share same IR signals. With the Itach equipment is it possible to send signals through certain emmiters? and what is the max per unit?



The iTach has 3 discrete outputs and the iTach Flex has 3 discrete outputs if you add the Triport cable. Either way, it’s discrete.

If you find that you’re getting any emitter bleed between boxes, you can also use emitter shields such as the ones shown here: … TF8&node=9

Thank you.

So if I only had two devices to keep discrete, I could use a IR splitter for the other different devices?

A blaster would be a more appropriate choice usually for the other devices. Using a multi-head emitter cuts the power level by around 3 emitters is usually unreliable.

Thank you.