IR question

Howdy. So apparently I bought the one model of Panasonic Viera that doesn’t have a Wake On Lan feature… thereby making the wireless IP functionality cool but mostly useless for me.

This TV is connected via Ethernet balun to a homerun room. What I’m thinking of trying is directly connecting one of the triport connectors to one end of the balun and the emitter to the other end by the TV.

Is there any chance this will work?


It is possible to splice an emitter cable to a CAT5X cable and thereby enable long in-wall runs. One end would be the emitter then the CAT5X cable spliced to two strands then the former 3.5mm end of the emitter cable, then whatever else such as a Triport or the Flex itself.

Obviously, that CAT5X cable would then no longer provide Ethernet at that point (although, in principle for 10/100 you would only need 4 of the 8 wires plus then 2 for the emitter so you can technically run 2 emitters plus 10/100 Ethernet through a CAT5X).

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply… But I should have been more clear. The Balun has IR ports. So I wouldn’t think I’d need to spice anything… I just need a cable that can plug into the triport and also into the balun.

I just wasn’t certain if that was bound to fail because I don’t understand IR transmission very well.

Sounds a bit like this cable: … B004HZR2OG

Thank you.