Is integrating HomeKit a possibility?

As the title says, is this a possible direction the app could head in?

We have every intention to lead the way on integrating HomeKit. It is too early to say much more, but certainly we feel there is no app better positioned to take advantage of HomeKit than Roomie.

Thank you.

The only disappointing pitfall is doesnt the device have to support apples protocol?

I am guessing roomie could only offer home kit functionality such as siri with devices the are supporting apple such as hue? Meaning any sort of automation with my samsung tv, or other lighting system wont be able to take advantage of homekit?

Unless Roomie itself is a device.

There are just way too many unanswered questions at this point, but it’s safe to say we’ll be looking into this deeply.

Thank you.

Will you be turning on Family Sharing?

We think we already turned that on, but there’s no way to see it until you’re running iOS 8. As we already provide instructions in the FAQ for making that work today more or less, there’s little to no difference for us in enabling it other than to make the same thing people do today easier.

Thank you.

Has roomie had any more information on how homekit might work with roomie, preferably as a device itself?

All we’re sure of is that we’ll certainly be providing HomeKit support for sending commands to devices. Becoming a device is a much more complicated effort that almost certainly requires us to provide an actual hardware piece. Which is something we might do.

Thank you.