ISY: Allow Variables as triggers

This simple ( no pun intended) change would increase the power of the ISY Simple control interface immensely.

Having to tie triggers directly to physical devices is not ideal. You are limited to number of devices that located in an appropriate physical location and controlling the scene with programs becomes problematic.

With variables, you can create as many as you want for individual trigger and programmatically trigger them in the ISY based on programs or combinations of of scenes etc.

I’d like to second this request. Using variables as triggers would be incredibly useful.

Also, any word on the SimpleControl API that was mentioned in passing earlier? Using the ISY network module and a SimpleControl API would be a good alternative.

I am trying to run a program Through the simple remote via ISY. It DOES work directly from the ISY. I use the Program Run command and add the pram ID (4 digit) mine is 0001, but it doesnt work? The log show the Same as when it Does work directly form the ISY? Any Help would be appreciated.