iTach disappears from Network

Hi I have roomie set up for two rooms and both work fine in terms of controlling the various eq. However I am using iTachwifi in both rooms for control of TV and set top box. My problem is that frequently the iTach “disappear” from iPad Control. If I look for them on a hard wired computer I can see them on the net but anything that is attached via wifi cannot see them. The only solution appears to be to reset the router. Thinking it was a router problem I have changed the router but the problem persists. Is there a setting to ensure the remain visible as the system is all but useless like this?

Many Thanks for any help

That sounds much like a Wi-Fi issue that Global Caché fixed in firmware 10 which was released a couple months ago but the vast majority of units out there are unlikely to have that firmware.

Updating firmware and/or contacting Global Caché support would be the best next steps as they provide support for their products directly.

Thank you.