iTach IP/IR device - new one - "cannot enter learn mode"

Anyone else get this error and get past it? My Sony VPL-VW60 doesn’t seem to work with the “all VPL” IR codes in the Roomie database, so I was just going to learn them. But when I try to go into learn mode, I just get the error “could not enable infrared learning mode”.

I have one of the new small IP/IR itach devices. The right picture shows up in Roomie.

Am I just doing something dopey?

We encountered that as well and reported it to Global Caché. They have informed us that a new Flex firmware update is due for release any moment now to correct that.

Thank you.

Okay, cool.

Couple follow-on questions:

  1. Do you know if the Sony VPL-VW60 is supposed to work with the included VPL codes? I see that it’s sending IR, but it had no effect on my projector.

  2. Any quick tips on converting from iLearn into a custom plist? I’m sure I can figure it out eventually, but was hoping to short circuit the process. Do I want the hex codes, or the GC code? For example, I’m getting these (first is hex, second is GC format) for the same button press (I press “Trim” in iLearn after it reads a bunch):

[Power]0000 0067 0000 0010 0060 0017 0031 0017 0018 0017 0031 0017 0018 0017 0031 0017 0018 0017 0018 0017 0018 0017 0018 0017 0031 0017 0018 0017 0031 0017 0018 0017 0031 0017 0018 0FAA


What would a key look like in the plist with one of these?



Sounds like a Retransmit Count? Sony plus IR = Raise the Retransmit Count. They always need 2 - 4.

Doesn’t matter what type of codes you give Roomie. We will translate hex or GC. You could have every command a different type if you want.

But do remove the “[Power]” stuff.

GC CODE36000,%d,1,96,[elided]2492
PRONTO CODE0000 006E 0000 [elided]

Thank you.

Sure enough it was the retransmit count. I just tested with power (which is the only really important one for the projector) and it seems to work after a few tests. I’ll test more this weekend with menu settings and such.



Any news on the fix for could not enable learning mode have just received the Itach Flex wifi and get the same problem

It’s safe to say we’ve done everything we can to encourage them to release this. We have every impression that it remains imminent. We would encourage you to contact to make sure they are aware of your interest.

Thank you.

Just received email from global cache saying new firmware will be ready by Monday

For the record also, we have tested pre-release versions of the new firmware and can confirm that this issue is definitely resolved.

Thank you.