iTach Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter VS Flex

the two cost the same yet the iTach Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter comes with a blaster/3x IR and the infra control pack…

why does the flex cost so much more? size ? anything else i’m missing ? hidden features ?

First, the original iTach WF2IR isn’t being discontinued. It’s still a great product.

The Flex does have numerous improvements. This is not a complete list.

  1. Wi-Fi has been significantly upgraded from 802.11b on the WF2IR to 802.11g with WPS on the Flex.
  2. The Global Port is unique to the Flex series. It allows the Flex to serve as either a serial adapter or an IR adapter just by swapping the cable. A relay cable for the Global Port will also be introduced at a later date. This feature can also be considered an investment protector allowing you to reconfigure things later.
  3. The Flex Link Serial cable is something we've really been looking forward to. The Flex auto-detects whether it should be a null-modem cable or straight through and acts accordingly. It also includes a gender changer. We expect this cable will eliminate 90%+ of user confusion over serial control.
  4. The form factor of the Flex Wi-Fi is significantly smaller and includes a mounting dock perfect for mounting even behind a flat screen TV.
  5. The Flex models include onboard storage and additional processing to support future TBA functionality not possible with the original iTach series.
  6. The Flex uses a USB power connector allowing new options for powering the Flex. The original iTach also includes a USB power cable with each device, but the actual connector on the device is not USB. This is a subtle but interesting Flex advantage in some cases.
All but the first of course also apply to the IP2IR versus the Flex IP.

One correction to your post. The WF2IR does not and never has “included” the Infrared Control Pack. In fact, the product page has multiple statements that does not occur. Just wanted to clarify that. It’s impossible for a physical product to “include” an in-app purchase, the App Store just doesn’t allow that.

Thank you.