Kiosk mode or password lockout of editing rooms and activiti

I’d like to ask for the ability to password protect settings on the roomie so that it can be used in a kiosk style environment so that users cannot go into settings and turn off edit locking.

This way I can be sure that any remotes that are left in areas won’t be changed or fooled with.

I agree password protection for getting into settings would be great

I would also agree that this would be a great feature.

The Guided Access feature in iOS can do what you need.

Guided Access mode is a truly wonderful addition to iOS 6 and highly recommended for dedicated Roomie devices. However, it is not technically a solution to the original poster’s request. We’re aware of this and plan to resolve it in a future release.

If I could extend this a bit further, it would also be great to allow rooms to be either password protected or limited to certain devices only. I have my whole family on roomie, but also use it at the office and it would be nice to prevent the kids from playing with my office controls or even the master bedroom for that matter.

Maybe an unlock toggle (so it doesn’t need a password each time). The first time a device tries to enter a room that is protected, it asks for the password and can store it locally on the device. Going into edit mode would allow you to “re-lock” the room if you wanted to undo an unlock.

The problem is forgotten passwords. Extending the free guest app idea from another thread, if guest remotes could be setup, then you could simply set kids and guests in this mode and any room marked as “protected” would not be useable from these devices. No passwords required.

The problem with the guest app is potential piracy with profiles being built on a valid copy and used in multiple locations on guest apps. Suggestion would be to only allow propagation via wifi sync from a full copy and have profiles expire after some reasonable time frame.

Anyway, the basic idea is being able to protect settings and rooms from changes and usage respectively.

We have solutions coming for this as part of the next release combined with Roomie Agent.

Thank you.

That’s great to hear. Though I’m going to have to figure out if I can get a Mac right? I’m all Windows and linux aside from my Apple TV and iDevices.

Will the Mac have to be on the local network?

Has this feature been added since the last post? I am using an IPOD Touch 5th Gen with IOS 7 and soon 8. This will be used in a classroom setting and It will be mounted to the wall with a simple selection of Projector-Laptop, AppleTV, Pandora, or Music via Airplay Mode.

The Kiosk mode in Guided access is great but not perfect as I would like to design the screen like a remote and blank out features instead of just masking them to be seen and not work.
Has anyone else done this in a classsroom or church media setting?

Yes, this was added. Roomie Agent can lock configurations entirely or lock them with PIN number access to override.

The Prevent Editing and Single Room Mode options can further restrict access.

If you want to take it all the way and go to a completely custom panel, the Custom Device DDK now provides that as well.

Thank you.