Launch apps on android devices (ala Roku Channels)


Does anyone know if it is possible to get simple control to launch apps on the NVidia Shield or Amazon FireTV ie like launching channels on the Roku?


I would also like to know if this is possible.

We actually deployed codes for that early last week. Look in the tray under “Launch” for both FireTV and nVidia Shield.

Im only seeing Launch Kodi, Launch Plex and Launch Netflix, is it possible add more?

It is but there’s no command for it. I would recommend posting the apps you want so we can try to add them. If they’re too obscure, we can add a parameterized command, but the parameters are funky Android IDs that are impossible to guess.

YouTubeTV and Amazon Prime Video please.


What would be the codes for Hulu and HBO NOW?

The codes are Android app IDs. So for instance Netflix is

How do i find the Android app IDs for installed apps on the Nvidia Shield? I was going to go add the Launch Prime one you posted for amazon but it doesnt show in the list at least yet and im not sure which command to select. I didn’t see a .LAUNCH option, just .Key Delete, .Key Down and +wake on lan. Are the ones we request going to show up in the list as LAUNCH %APP% or should we use for example .Key Down and type Launch %AndroidAPID%?

This seems to give a few methods of finding the app IDs:

To the second part of my question, do i add these app ids under the .Key Down and type LAUNCH AAID, or will they show up eventually if we request them here like the netflix, kodi and plex options.

@Will_Price can you please add the following apps to the Launch List:

Stan =
Emby = tv.emby.embyatv
NBA = com.nbaimd.gametime.nba2011
Hyperspin = com.shieldcade.hyperspin
Kayo Sports =
(I am pretty sure those are the app ID’s, don’t quote me on it though)


Please add
HBO Now =
Hulu = com.hulu.livingroomplus
YouTube =

If it would be easier rather than having us request a bunch of apps for you to add, maybe a way we could add apps ourselves?

Thank you

The normal .APPLICATION LAUNCH command is indeed in the next codeset push for Fire TV and Shield. So we may add some of these explicitly, but you can add them yourself with that command. Should go live in a week or so.

is this in the yet to be released to the app store 6.0.5?

  1. 6.0.5 is on the App Store now (and was when you posted).
  2. Code set updates have no direct correlation to a software release unless there is some code change associated with it – which is not the case here beyond simply needing V6+. This has been in production for a week or two.

amazon prime video is but it doesnt work, i tried prime, launch prime, none of these work

We already have the Amazon code in the FireTV set. If you’re using something else, you’ll have to figure out the correct bundle ID. On FireTV it is The one you thought it was sounds totally wrong.

this is for the nvidia shield