Limitless LED

Theres new cheaper option to Phillips Hue that i would like to get but want to make sure that they’re compatible with my roomie remote. LimitlessLED is similar to the Phillips Hue and the LIFX whereas you can wifi controlled lights that also support different colors as well. These are significantly cheaper with the starter kit costing around $53 bucks and each bulb is around $23 for colored ones and $14 for the white ones. … ght-bulbs/

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Please!!! It would be great.

I already bought the roomie and also milight bulbs, missing only put them together.



I don’t think these will go as mainstream as Hue.

Hue are quality bulbs with a quality interface, these are just cheap and flimsy. An old Kickstarter I think?


Anyways, I wouldn’t bother - stick with Hue.

I agree. Milight never will go hit the mainstream like Hue.


But, in Brazil, I don’t have a opportunity to buy Hue. In ebay, USD 240,00 more USD 150,00 tax and shipping.


In aliexpress I bought Milight kit (3 lamps, control and wifi adapter) by USD 77,00 including shipping and possible tax.


Old? The last update was in february of 2014.


When I received the Milight kit, I will make some test, and post the results and my impressions.





Has anyone had any luck getting roomie to work with the limitlessled wifi bridge?


Hi, I put this file on dropbox and add manual ip and port of bridge:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> codes POWER OFF x41x00x55 POWER ON x42x00x55 method udp brand MiLight cat RGBWW type 12

But my bridge is very unstable and UDP messages sometimes arived on the bridge, sometimes no.

But, works sometimes, I begin a research to resolve this, Its a known problem by MiLight.


Hi glauberrs, which version of bridge you have and what port you are using, i try your code with no success. have you do more test?


Hi, yes I make others tests and now is working 99%.
My controller is v4 and the Port. Is 8899.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> codes ZONA 1 ON x45x00 ZONA 1 OFF x46x00 ZONA 2 ON x47x00 ZONA 2 OFF x48x00 BRANCO 1 xC5x00 BRANCO 2 xC7x00 BRILHO MIN x4Ex03 BRILHO MED x4Ex13 BRILHO MAX x4Ex1B VERDE x40x60 AMARELO x40x80 LARANJA x40xA0 AZUL x40x10 method udp brand MiLight cat RGBWW type 12

The picture of bridge. And in the roomie.

Manual ip of milight on roomie