Live feedback dropped out on Marantz SR 5006

All the sudden, no live feedback from my receiver. Nothing, no voulume display, no input.

Evrything else works.


Have tried to reset, and reinstalling, everything. Using the latest version 1.5.1 – the problem startet on 1.5.0 – the displays was ok until yesterday.

Have you tried unplugging the receiver and plugging it back in? Denon and Marantz are sometimes prone to issues that can only be resolved via a hard reset like that. That can be a sign with that brand that more than one iOS device is trying to connect to the receiver for feedback. (Only one will succeed.) We cover that topic here:

Make sure also to check the receiver firmware for updates.

It worked! Of course, silly me, when nothing works, unplugging everything, go to the bar, have a Londoner, DO fix “all” problems…

Should perhaps be noted on the FAQ for the beginners :slight_smile: