Logitech Alert security cameras

Hey guys! Congratulations on a very exciting lineup of features in Roomie Remote v1.9. I was trying out the new Logitech Alert security camera support, and ran into some problems. Roomie was able to discover the camera on the network, and I added it as a device in one of my rooms. I then edited the Tivo remote layout to include the camera in the view. A small window showed up in the remote where I would expect the video feed to be, but the small window is blank. Clicking on it doesn’t seem to fix the problem either. Are there any special steps we need to follow to get this working? Any settings we need to set on the Logitech Alert to enable this feature? Anything else you suggest I need to do to get this working?

Major Fan of Roomie Remote!


Roomie is using the RTSP URL of the cameras. So if you use a web browser, at least on OS X which has built-in RTSP support via QuickTime, you can replicate what we’re doing by using this URL:

rtsp://ip of your camera/LowResolutionVideo

For instance:


The cameras do have various optional security settings for your local network that can be configured in Alert Commander. If any of those were configured, it is likely the RTSP functionality above would no longer work.

Thank you.