Lutron Homeworks Support

I need to be able to control Lutron Homeworks Lights and Shades system. The processor is HRP5-120 wireless. Would the Radio RA2 drivers work for it or do I have to write my own drivers? Would I get two way feedback if I write my own?

I have the same processor and have it working as a custom device via ip for my lighting…but with no feedback. Feedback may be possible, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Adding shades, keypads and scenes is pretty easy once you have the ip handshaking working. Let me know if you want me to post the xcode and the commands.

I have got this working as well. The radio ra2 drivers do not work. You need to write a custom DDK and send it via port 23. As long as you have a working telnet password for the homeworks system it isn’t too hard to figure out. I telnetted in on a PC, turned on DLMON and KBMON to see what different light switches were doing at the dinner and fixture level and built custom commands based on that. The hardest bit was figuring out how to login and logout. The trick is to send “username, password” as the first command And “quit” as the last one. An example command would be:

Sample commandusername, password crlf kbp, 1:8:1:2, 1 crlf quit

Good luck.

I agree that the hardest part is getting the logon/off working. I found that Roomie will handle it for you if you want it to. In the xcode for the custom device if you define:


then Roomie will ask for this string when you define the device. Remember to select that Automatic Commands be executed. Roomie will then handle the logon process for you.

Aha. Yes I tried to figure that out but gave up. I’ll give that a go. Any luck adding parameters into the commands or getting feedback on eg dimmer levels?

I have parameters working to some extent. I was able to create a second entry at device definition, “Address”, but I wasn’t able to get the result encoded into my commands.

So, instead I have just used a simpler approach for now.



I set the brightness by creating remote buttons for a range of levels, say every 10% and then using the command format “LIGHT SET 15 10”, where 15 is address of the fixture and 10 is the brightness level. It fades the dimmer over 2 seconds with no delay to the requested brightness.

When I figure out how to embed the address of the fixture that I entered at device creation, I’ll be able to copy the same remote for use with all lights. I also programmed on and off buttons and some up and down buttons. I have not been able to read the feed back from the dimmers.

Can you guys post the xcode files if it is not too much trouble? The processor I need to control is actually H8P5 series, but the commands should be the same. All I need to do is address the room keypads in the residence from Roomie, no feedback is needed. The more detailed control will be done from the Lutron app.

Here is the xcode that I use for the RF processor. On the RF processor that I have you only need a four part address and all for all devices the first entries 1:8:1. The wired processors may use a 5 part address, If so you will have to adjust for that. If you have a printout of the inventory of all your devices from the Homeworks Illumination software , the necessary changes should be pretty obvious. I don’t have any keypads or scenes so I haven’t programmed those commands yet .

I attempted to program the brightness feedback for dimmers, but it hasn’t worked.

To send the commands, I programmed a pop=up activity that I can add as button on the standard Roomie virtual remotes.

Hope this helps.

Here is mine. It has a combination of keypad button presses (kbp) and direct dimmer level commands (fadedim, raisedim, lowerdim). I’ve also attached the documentation of the Lutron RS232 commands which I found very helpful.


I am trying to get this working as well. I just need to be able to address the buttons of the wall keypads. Does this look correct? I selected manual IP in Roomie, port 23, entered the user name and password, no go. Am I missing something?

I can’t open your file at the moment as I only have a phone, but I found telnet-ing into the controller helped establish the right syntax. If you haven’t already, maybe see if you can get in and get control that way first.

I did it from Homeworks Illumination login screen; it is KBR, not KBP that controls my keypads.

What other telnet program can you recommend for Windows 8.1 or Virtual Mac OS 10.9?

Which user name and password do I need to enter in Roomie; the same that I setup for the iPad control in Illumination, right? Not the main project password.

Thanks for your help.

I just run telnet from the command prompt (type telnet into the search box in the start button). I could never get the authentication to work so I set up a separate logon and logoff command which I send before and after every command. Not elegant but it works.

When I go through telnet I send USERNAME then a space then PASSWORD so that is what I have in my LOGON command.

Hope that helps, at least a little.

I am trying to get the basic connection with HomeWorks to as you are describing it, but no luck yet. A few puzzling questions…

  • Would you be logging in/and out for every command sent? that sounds rather slow.
  • If so, I don’t think the QUIT command does that but should use the LOGOUT command at the end of each string (really hoping not to have to do that)
  • I (propably mistakenly) thought that you would have to send a LOGIN command, but it looks like the initial telnet prompt is already doing that for you? so would proceed with just username,password ??
  • does the roomie app prefix the commands with username&password, or only on the first command of the program connection?

So far I am not getting any command to work, just a red command feedback. Would be nice if I could actually see what is being sent and the responses. I have enabled diagnostics, but it looks this only goes to roomie support?

Thanks for any info… :slight_smile:

This can be done very easily. Look at my posts (vmoses) on March 10 and the custom device code I posted on March 27. The telnet login is one line with the format “username,password”. You only have to log in to the Lutron controller once and Roomie will handle that for for you. With this approach, there is no need to ever use quit or logout commands.