Lutron Lighting Integration setup

So I have my Lutron integration report (it contains all light switch/keypad ID numbers, as well as corresponding button numbers). I was wondering what format I should be using to control a specific button on the device I want.
For example, if my living room switch’s integration ID is 42, I would put in “42” in the “Default Device” field for my Lutron lighting device on my Living Room tab.
But say I want to control a keypad with integration ID 46, button 3, what would be the correct notation for Roomie to recognize both the integration ID AND correct button on that keypad?
Currently I am able to toggle lighting loads on/off and percentage dimming, but cannot control keypad buttons like I tried to explain above. I have been able to do this by putting the integration ID, “42,” into the “Default Device” field.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I found some additional settings when going through Commands for a specific Activity. I see that I can set the Integration ID here, as well as Brightness (0-100). However, it is still unclear how to specify a particular button on a keypad.

Controlling a button simply uses a different command, and the button commands ask you for both your Integration ID and Button ID. For instance the command .BUTTON PRESS will ask for that.