Lutron radiora 2 dimming

first off I want to say I’m in love with the software you guys provide! I’ve made custom buttons on the roomie directv remote that say lights on and lights off. when I hit watch directv it’ll control everything and turn off the lights! sometimes I don’t want lights off so I made a button for on so I don’t have to leave the app. i’m wondering why there is no way to dim down the lights with the software. I’ve been able to brighten the lights but not dim them with roomie! this would really make the experience better for me!

Dimming and brightening are just .LIGHT ON commands with a different brightness level parameter. In other words, “dimming” a light is just the act of setting a brightness level lower than whatever it is now.

I have it set to light on light off and dim and bright

light on is 75 percent

light off is 0 percent

dim is at 10 percent

bright is at 100 percent

would be nice to have a button that you could dim it like in the lutron software or the keypads thought!