Luxman and custom remote

Have had great fun and good success in setting up Roomie…great product.

i have a old Luxman receiver which still works well and sounds great. (R-115)

I have been successful at learning IR, but since Luxman is not listed anywhere I cannot seem to fully set it up. I’ve tried a few different ways, but it seems like I need to pick something from drop list

How do I set up a device and capture all off the commands? Since it is an old unit, there are only about a dozen buttons on it.




The preset brand list for IR learning is just there as a convenience. If you tap the Blue arrow on the brand row, you can just type in whatever brand name you like.

Perfect! Thanks

Well that worked fine. What surprised me was that the remote had some dropdowns that I did not configure.

I have been struggling with setting them up… have read the other posts on the subject and am still unclear.

The Luxman now has a dropdown TUNER, which has scan up and scan down. How can I add AM and FM to that?

Also, is there a way to make the numeric keyboard in the virtuals a dropdown? If so how is it done?

Thanks again for your prompt and great support.


Multi-word commands are always split into a collapse button. So prefix any command you’d like there with “TUNER”. You could create a collapse button with a prefix of “DIGIT” to contain the digit commands.

You guys are crazy RESPONSIVE…Wow great customer service!

The prefix now makes sense and I can make it work within the same device, e.g. apple commands within apple. Now, if I wanted to put a dropdown, from my Sony TV, which has DIGIT as a prefix, how do I have it appear and work on the Apple remote?

I saw the previous explanation, but don’t understand about the “default” device.




Collapse buttons that target a device which is not the device that was used to generate the Remote Design (you set AppleTV as ‘Opens Remote’ and then tapped to edit the Remote Design) are not possible in 1.7 with the exception of the Volume Control device for input and mode. However, version 1.8 does allow collapse buttons to target any device in any room from any remote design.

Gotcha. Thanks again!