Mac OS application

I’d love to be able to run Roomie on my Mac laptop which is often in the living room with me.

Me too!

Me three. I have my laptop running Plex and I’m still not sure how to use Roomie to control it.

The third post here is asking for something different. The first two posts want to run Roomie itself on a MacBook. So that would be like a version of Roomie from the Mac App Store. We understand that request.

The third post is about controlling something on a MacBook with Roomie on iOS. That is generally something we advise using the Remote Buddy integration with Roomie to handle, and that integration will be getting more significant in future Roomie versions.

Correct on the first post. I want to control my TV/AV setup with my Mac just like I do with Roomie on my iOS devices. That means I’d be able to control my TV setup with my Mac. (I do not need to actually control the Mac with Roomie. I use the built-in keyboard and trackpad for that!)

“That is generally something we advise using the Remote Buddy integration with Roomie to handle, and that integration will be getting more significant in future Roomie versions.”

Ooooh, do tell. That sounds exciting!

A Mac App Store version of Roomie would be very nice, could be faster than configuring from an iDevice (its already pretty easy though). Not totally sure what “advanced” features or capabilities could be accomplished with a mac that an iDevice couldn’t do. Interesting though.

But overall it seems like Roomie keeps expanding into new directions every few months! Keep up the good work!

This would be a great feature. I’ve been compiling a list and this one is one of the top items. Lots of times I am using the computer and it would be nice to just pull up roomie from the mac and change the channel, etc. This would be a great addition.

Yes !! A MacApp store version woudl be NICE !! if it’s easier, a web interface version would be an alterative too.

Resurrecting an old thread but I would love to see this as well.

A mac App Store Version Would be perfect to conrol Roomie as app from the Mac book and not have to search for the iPhone wile working on the mac


I’d also like to be able to run Roomie from my Mac. iPad is good 90% of the time, but there are those occasions where I’m working on the computer and controlling the TV next to the computer with an iPad requires a couple of additional steps. It would also be nice to free up space on the desk by not having the iPad on it.

I see this request/idea has been tossed around by Roomie users since at least 2012. I too use my MacBook & iPad side-by-side in order to have Roomie available. I would like to be able to purchase an app for my MacBook so I could put the iPad away or let a guest use the iPad while maintaining access myself via my MacBook.
Please consider this concept. Thanks for a Great App!

I would pay for this too.

When working on my computer, it is annoying to have to physically switch device in order to get control of my AV.

A desktop app would be a nice way of overcoming this.

I agree this would be a super convenient app for osx


it would be nice to develop a setup for a customer or a friend and a workaround for limitations in switching of Appleid. And the when finished just export the settings and mail them to all family members for import into their roomie accounts. And possibilities not for just switching just room but being able to have different combinations of rooms for different users like office-house for adults but just house for kids and shared iPads.

And also run like heating and lightning from a MacMini HTPC in the house.



We have a Roomie Agent, why not just have a Mac App too? I don’t imagine it would be that hard in the scheme of thing since I imagine Xcode was used to develop the iOS app.

Apple has three unrelated user interface libraries. UIKit for iOS. Cocoa for OS X. And now WatchKit for Watch. There is no relation whatsoever between the three, so while a large amount of code is shared, there is at least 30%+ that is not.

Everyone wants this, certainly almost everyone here does. At some point what we may do is a version of Roomie for OS X that has no editing capability. That will cut down on a huge amount of user interface that would need porting. It’s just a matter of finding the time.

Thank you.

interested too