Making Roomie work outside the LAN - the 92 year old mother-

My 92 year old mother in law likes to watch TV, but is almost blind and is incapable of operating a modern TV, making and playing recordings, etc.

I would like to help her remotely from outside her broadband LAN.

Can I do this by using a VPN router and making my iPad appear inside her LAN?

Roomie should consider offering a hardware assist for this. Look at the Belkin WeMo which offers AC control anywhere on the internet. I think the WAN/LAN bridging is done via some central connection to which both WAN and LAN connect (like GoToMeeting). If Belkin can sell these for $70, then you should be able to offer a Roomie WAN/LAN bridge.

I’d buy it, and I think a lot of folks would who want to help aging remote parents and grand parents.

Most routers offer VPN support. iOS also has built-in VPN support. The only thing stopping it from working is that most of the setup guides we have found on the Internet are not very user-friendly. Basically you’d want to activate IPsec or a similar VPN technology to enable that.