Managed Ethernet Switch Comatibility


Can roomie be configured to allow port configuration of a managed ethernet switch? I want to be able to change VLAN settings. I realize roomie’s compatibility is listed as device specific so are there any managed switches that roomie is compatible with? I couldn’t find any listed.

I’ll explain what I am aming to do which might clarify and perhaps you can offer me some help:

I want to set up an HDMI over IP distribution with a managed switch functioning as the “matrix” to allow for many-to-many sources to displays. I am looking for an iPad app to be the “all in one” remote for a host of devices and am wondering if roomie can handle the switching. Multiple VLANs will need to be created and what I’d like roomie to be able to do is have a button on the iPad which changes the IP address of a port on the switch corresponding to the display. This will change which source the display outputs by assigning it to a different VLAN.

Help is appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t work for Roomie- but seems the biggest problem to me is there is no standard method for switches to do that. Ie there is no standard snmp write command that (to my knowledge) would allow you to add vlans to a trunk or access port. I do believe some vendors support doing this- but it’s a custom MIB extension. What switch are you using? If it has an API maybe that is one way to do it. Another would be to run a script from a web server that you would hit from Roomie that would login and do the commands.