Mce controller delay

I have this annoying delay when using mce controller to control win 7 media center. What happens is (if I have not used the remote for a few minutes) pressing buttons does nothing and then after 15 seconds or so I will see the command flashing red at the top of the screen and if I keep sending commands they flash red at the top and then after another 20or 30 second to will start working and the commands flash blue. If I keep using the remote it is fine until I stop using it for a few minutes and the cycle repeats. it makes ad skipping painful.

Any ideas? Much appreciated.

Thx. lloydus

If MCE Controller is listening on the default port 5150 and you are sure you have no other programs trying to use that port - then it might be an issue with your WiFi. Do you have other issues connecting to web services from your iOS device? If so you can try this: