MCE controller mouse support

I used to use an app called hippo remote, the mouse control on an ipad or iphone was very smooth.


I tried out mce controller with roomie and my god, it feels like im using a mouse from 1995, it is incredibly slow and laggy. Is there any plans to improve the performance of this even somewhat?

It seems okay to us on our test systems, so it’s possible there’s some variation based on factors that MCE Controller is impacted by on your system – something to ask MCE Controller people. Sleep and battery settings on a desktop often cause network lag issues for server software like MCE Controller for instance.

Meanwhile, we do plan to investigate additional mouse control solutions for Windows. Mouse control is part of the command system so it is possible to add more fairly easily. On OS X, we have both Roomie Agent and Remote Buddy hooked into the same system and they work smoothly.

Thank you.

Hmm I am hard wired on a gigabit network.
if you try hippo remote app you can see how smooth it can be.


My htpc is not on a battery, its plugged in and has no battery setting.

I like mce mouse support as I do use for my htpc, it is fantastic integration by the roomie team, but sadly as it is now it was just basically unusable.

You’re mixing up the app with the destination server. Apps such as Roomie, etc. are on one side of the equation. Whatever interprets the commands as a server is on the other. MCE Controller behaves in a certain way as a server for you which sounds like there is a bug or problem on that side. We don’t write the server app except in the case of Roomie Agent, so we have no control over how that server behaves for you. It’s quite smooth for us in all 3 supported cases.

Thank you.

No I am well aware mce controller is a different application roomie has nothing to do with.


All I am saying is it works, its just incredibly slow, is there a way to accelerate the mouse movements with your app?


I mean it does work for me just not very good. We may have different definitions of good.

Or would quicker mouse movement be on the mce controller side as well?


And a few other things when Im typing with mce controller using your app and the iphone ios keyboard the back button does not do anything so if you mistype something the back button does not work.
Also hitting done does not seem to do anything either. So if i type a url in i cannot backspace and hitting done wont enter the url like it normally would.

And if the mouse support is poor due to the mce side (I see on his forum the creator said he has never actually tested it according to a post on his forum) it is good to hear in your first post you guys are considering additional mouse options for windows.

Sorry one last post on this, tried this on 2 other computers outside of my network, one at my office, and another at a friends, they all performed about the same. If roomie could offer acceleration for the mouse movements i think it would be much easier to use, its just slow and has a decent amount of lag.
I resend my comment that its that awful, its not as awful as I made it out to be, but its not great either, if you guys would try hippo remote or sharemouse app’s from the apple store (free) you guys would see a definite performance difference between then two. The two app’s work utterly perfect tracking movements quickly and efficiently.