Meridian pre amp volume control always starts at zero

I have a Meridian 861 pre amp set up to control volume on all activities. It is connected via a Global Cache iTach Flex rs232.
The volume level is set within the Meridian to always switch on at the previous set volume. However within Roomie the volume on all activities starts at zero…and initially only responds to the dial and not the + button once the volume has been changed it now seems to be synced, until a change of activity, then the volume indication is back to zero in roomie.
I assume the volume feedback only occurs when activating the volume control. Is there something that could be added to the activity to nudge the volume indication at start.

With my Meridian setup I send a command to the Meridian in the Activity of “Volume 72” which sets the volume to that level.

Is that the Volume set command ?

I believe it is. In my Activities I have it set to " Volume 72". It was setup several years back, so I can’t remember exactly, but that is what it shows in my setup. Hope it helps.

Thanks for that…I will give it a try, just waiting for my last Global Cache

Oh…does that display in Roomie ie 72 displayed in the volume dial ?

connected up my last Global Cache…All working, probably some tweaking needed in design.
Tried the volume set on starting the activity but still only displaying the volume after selecting a new one…There must be a way displaying on start ? without input

My Meridian setup is in my other home. I’ll check it in a week when I’m there.