Missing Button on Sky Remote in V5

Getting used to version 5 and so far all is good. Some thoughts…

On the sky physical remote ( which is for a pace satellite box) there is a large Button called SKY ( funnily enough) which will always take you back to the full screen active channel whether your in the guide, planner or wherever. This does not seem to exist on the Virtual remote in V5 and the only way to get back seems to me the Menu button which takes you back through the info section – I added this function manually in version 4 but we currently can’t do that in V5. Would be great if this could be added to the default pace remote in V5
Whilst on the subject of editing remotes, my main use was to add channel specific buttons for sky channels ( we don’t have programme guides available in New Zealand) so I could just click one button and be taken straight to specific channel – sky’s favourites options take an almost laughably large number of clicks to achieve the same thing.

One final thought on the apple TV (4th Gen) remote… unless I’m missing something the option to skip track forward when listening to music is hidden in the apple TV sub menu when more logically it would be on the main action panel as part of the play controls.

Lots to like so far and the look is really clean and easy to use on an iPad

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