Most reliable router/switch combination

What is the most reliable router/switch combination that you would recommend? I am having some issues with Netgear r6300v2 router and TP Link gigabit switch and I am looking for other options. I am guessing Apple Airport Express would be a better choice for roomie, anything else?


I am sure there are other units that work but mine has zero problems with roomie and controlling hue lights from outside. And never fails or needs resets at all for over 3 years. My lan setup is for a house with over 24 Ethernet jacks: Roomie goes through an airport extreme from iPads and iPhones to directv, bluray, flex and serial units for TV, appletv, sound processor and hue lights with zero problems. Hue light control works perfectly from outside. The house lan contains:

2 DSL connections (1 static, 1dynamic ip) to zyxel usg100 (fantastic router) which performs load balancing and auto failover to hp 24 port Poe switch to wall jacks to AirPort Extreme for wireless, airport express for extended range, macs, and yealink ip phones, etc. The extreme is connected to the dvrs and blue ray, and an 8 port switch connects the flex units, and other devices at the tv to the LAN. Complex but bullet proof, all LAN is on battery backup to runs phones in case of power outage.