My list of feature requests

First - love the product set! This is a full custom remote solution in an amazing package, and it’s incredibly functional and extensible when paired with the iTach hardware. Here’s my feature wish list as I implement throughout my house, and see how this can be even better:

  1. Allow a configuration option where you can “fix” a remote instance on a single room. So I could set the family room remote just to the family room, and they couldn’t get confused by going to another room.

  2. Allow reordering of the major remote components. So I could move the volume block to the bottom, for example.

  3. Allow for multiple blocks of each type. So I could add another button block, or another directional block, etc., and at any location (see #2)

  4. A Mac-based remote editor. Just like the iOS one, but on the Mac. Should synch with all the remotes just like iOS. Put in Mac App Store, charge a bunch for it.

  5. Server macros using the current Mac Roomie server. So I can have a remote run a series of commands on the server, including more complicated things like scripts, or state comparisons, server variables that are instance specific or global, etc.

  6. Like #5, but also support devices that allow for only one connection (e.g. many Denon AVRs). So instead of each remote instance establishing a connection with the device, allow tunneling it through the server that would establish a single connection, and proxy each client. This would be a device-by-device option.

  7. Allow multiple RoomieCodes files - maybe just numbering or something.

  8. More customization options especially on 2-way feedback.

  9. More UI options, like headers, images, groups, etc.

  10. Support other guide sources, like DataDirect for people who maintain a subscription

  11. Better Sonos integration, like the additional music services (e.g. Rdio, Spotify) and the new Sonos favorites (this is probably most important as it is a workaround for the others).

I’ll update as I think of more.

  1. Add timers - so I can say “shut down the room in 60 minutes”. This might be dependent on a server-side component that can run scripts, etc.

  2. Allow the hard volume buttons to work when no soft volume buttons are present (this makes sense - why have both?); also allow for the volume display with no soft volume buttons.


Would be realty great to have favorite channels listing.