NET based sources on 80.3 cut out when using Roomie

When I select a Net based music source like Pandora on my Integra 80.3 via Roomie zone 1 will cut in and out. Zone 2 and 3 work fine. Is this a Roomie issue or an Integra issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

We are looking into this and will report back.

We have tracked this down and determined it affects various 2011 Onkyo/Integra models. They are just not fast enough to read from Pandora and receive queries at a certain rate and type so they can seem to stutter.

Note that in our testing this does not impact 2012 models, and we tested even the bottom end models there so we’re confident that they have fixed this bug in the current lineup.

We will nevertheless be including a fix for this in 1.5.2 for the older models. Version 1.5.1 was released to Apple many days ago, so that’s already “out the door” from our perspective. Our best estimate then would be somewhere in the third week of the month for 1.5.2.