Netflix control and guides


as Netflix is the most watched streaming provider, I am suprised I could not find anything in the forums about Netflix integration…I have netflix on my appleTV, and I can control the appleTV, but I cannot open an app on aTV, right? I can open the netflix app on my LG TV, which is a bit better, but frankly, the TV app is pretty crashy… and I can have SC open the netflix webpage on my mac mini, but then control of a webpage is pretty bad.

So what would be great is direct control of the Netflix app (hopefully on the aTV), and even better, guides? is that too far? :slight_smile:



It seems clunky but sending a command followed by a couple of keystrokes does the trick.
I’ve done the same with iPlayer on ATV too.


what command and keystrokes you mean…? I can add a series of ‘down up left’ but the cursor is not always on the same icon, isnt it?

Start with Home x 3 and you know where you are…

I might be a bit slow - but i’m unsure of what you are referring to… (I’m just another user…) - but i control netflix menu’s on my apple TV with my Simple Control remote all the time - using the apple remote control in SC. Am i missing what you are trying to do? (netflix along with every other Apple TV app i have running on Apple TV. (Hulu, HBO On Demand, Plex, etc)

Are you actually trying to see the netflix menus/content appearing on the remote vs. on the screen?

Well, I can also control Netflix, or any other app on aTV. But I cannot have the activity ‘watch Netflix’ as there are no specific commands. The workaround from spemberry might actually work well.

However I can live with that - a tad less elegant, but the aTV GUI is elegant enough so thats okay - but having guide etc data from the Netflix app running on aTV would be great. Selecting movies, subtitles, audio would be great on the remote design. But I guess this is down to Netflix, if they allow their app to be controlled from outside…