New FAQ: How do I setup VLC Control?

We have added a new FAQ specifically for Roomie 1.8 detailing how to configure VLC on Mac OS or Windows for proper IP control by Roomie:

Hi Guys,

Just tried to set this up… seems the new version of VLC has done away with the hosts file that you need to edit… are you able to give some updated instructions on how to get this going?

VLC 2.1 has made a few minor changes. The good news:

  • We fixed VLC 2.1 in Roomie 2.0.3.
  • VLC 2.1 no longer has a hosts file which was pretty complex to edit for some users.

For now, don’t upgrade to VLC 2.1 until Roomie 2.0.3 goes live.

VLC 2.1 now requires a password instead of the hosts file method they used to use. So after Roomie 2.0.3 goes live, just set a password in VLC’s preferences, set the same password in the VLC device in Roomie, and make sure the TCP Command Input is set correctly as per the FAQ above and you should be good to go.

Thank you.