New learned HDMI switch won't respond


I’ve been using roomie for a while, I am trying to take an onkyo amp out and replace with a simple (non branded) HDMI switch.

I added a new custome device (choosing the ADA template), I then had the iTach learn the IR codes for HDMI 1 through 5, the learning went fine but it took a few presses each time to be recognized.

Now when I test it I’m getting no response, I have my blaster on port 3 and my PS3 (through logitech adapter) and Apple TV are responding fine to it. I have the IR receiver for the HDMI switch sitting on top of my Apple TV and if I hold the remote that came with the switch where the blaster is positioned I get a response from the switch every time.

I have tried increasing the transmit count all the way up to 5 but still no response.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Learning can be an analog procedure. The FAQ gives links to Advanced IR learning techniques if the normal learning process does not work:

Some devices, especially no-name HDMI switchers, may use funky codes that don’t learn well – the primary example of this is called “toggle codes”. The best way to handle those is to get the codes from the manufacturer and add them to Roomie that way. The DDK also covers toggle codes and how to learn those.

Thank you.

That’s great, thanks, I shall attempt the steps in the FAQ at the weekend. Out of interest does anyone know a 5 input 1 output reasonably priced HDMI switcher that automatically works with Roomie?

There are long lists on the compatability list but short of googling everyone I can’t tell their function or price.

Thanks again

Did you have any luck with this? I am trying to do the same thing. I reckon the hdmi switch is the same or similar to what I have just bought.