Newbie with some Control4 experience


I used to live in a house with Control4 but we have moved and the new place doesn’t have Control4.

Our family are big iphone/ipad and OSX users.

I use a mac for Audio (Audirvana) and we are massive Spotify connect users which we stream to a few Sonos boxes and my Denon receiver and into 1x Denon Heos

We have a Sony 4K TV

I know what JAP is but have never actually seen it in action.

I am a massive XBMC freak… and I am thinking of getting a Nvidia Sheild for this.

We mainly used Control4 in the other place as a Universal remote.

Couple quick questions about Simple Control

1/ Do you need a dealer?
2/ What do I do about the odd legacy IR device?
3/ Can I “DIY” JAP?
4/ Do you integrate Spotify Connect? Or will I still have to swap out into the Spotify app?
5/ Will SC control my mac running Audirvana?