Nickname devices

Allow custom names or nicknames of devices. When you have multiple devices of the device it becomes very confusing to keep track of them. For example - if you have multiple DirecTV boxes in the sane room they all show up with the same name.

This is made easier in version 1.6 coming very soon.

Hi , Wondering if you ever got a reply that helped. I have the same issue with my Apple itunes Libraries. I have four Computers with that I would like to label any further thoughts?

The best way to handle this is to create an Activity for each. Version 1.6 now ensures that every device list clearly differentiates between all devices. But if your goal is to list multiple identical devices in the diagnostic remote section of the Activity list, the way to do that is instead to create an Activity for each.

Would love to see a nickname (Alias) for devices. I’ve got 4 TVs and a projector in our gameroom and it would be so nice to identify the remotes for each and control individually. Please consider this for future requests. Thank you.