Now in 6.2 I have volume feedback... sort of

V6.2 has added volume feedback for my Anthem AVM60, which is super cool. Doing a force codeset update scrambled it for a bit though, where the regular existing volume controls didn’t work, and only mute on worked (couldn’t unmute). Deleting and reinstalling the app solved that.

However, now the large volume “dial” display - which I appreciate - appears in most, but not all of my activities’ Action Panels. I’d rather delete the dial from the Action Panel, leaving it looking like it did before v6.2, then have it accessible via the Homebar, where it newly appears in this latest version. In the Activity “Design” page the app does not allow me to delete the dial from the Action Panel. Is this a bug or a “feature”?

Sounds like you have an outdated Design. Reset Design for any Activity that uses the Anthem.

Awesome. Resetting the design has made it make MUCH more sense. Thank you. For reference, the design was only from earlier this year, MAYBE December… I wonder how old a design has to be for the program to consider it “outdated” and cause this design issue.