Numeric input control for speaker levels

When I change sources, lets say from DVD to iRadio, I like to adjust the surround sound levels to match the source. To further the example, I like to boost the LFE and back surround levels when watching movies, and when I am listening to CDs or iRadio, I like to lower the LFE and back surrounds to provide better balance.
While there are controls to push the levels up or down, it would be better to be able to specify the levels numerically. For example, I could specify the LFE = -5dB. If I try and push the levels up or down in the marco, the levels could be get way out of wack depending on the order of sources I am switching. Switching from DVD to CD could work, but switching from CD to iRadio would lower the levels beyond what they are supposed to be set at. I guess I could make marcos for every combination of source switching, but having a numerical control would greatly simplify thing.s

Which receiver and control method are you using? In general what you are suggesting is possible with many of the receivers we support. You just need to use the right command with the right volume syntax as the parameter.

I am using a Denon 3808 and using the IP control function. If you can point me to the command set that would allow this… that would be great.

The Denon LFE command in Roomie is:

The 3808 expects Parameter 1 to be 00=0dB, 10=-10dB. You enter therefore “00” to “10” and those are the values supported by that model.

Similarly, the Surround commands are the commands such as:

The 3808 expects Parameter 1 to be 00 or 38 to 62 where 50=0dB and 00=OFF.

Just a comment to all those who may be reading this thread. There are a set of “.xyz” commands that usually appear at the bottom of the “Add Activity” listing which are closer to pre-defined macro functionality… and they are quite useful. For example, you can set each speaker level individually. The Roomie staff is now adding additional functionality for iRadio and station preset support for all of you older Denon users. Thanks for all your support.