NUVO Grand Concerto - Multizone Audio System


I have custom code sets created for NUVO GC. I’m able to turn on / off zones, change source, mute / unmute, set favorites and more. I can send text to the wall control panel, which will then be displayed. I can control each zone separately. Communication is via RS232.

Please provide feedback on these parameters:
power status
volume status
mute status
source status

the return value of NUVO is as follows:

Z1, ON, SRC4, VOL60, DND0, LOCK0

Additionally, if it is possible, Simple Control App to showcase the content of the wall panel (4 lines of text)

I have a complete description of the RS232 communication protocol for NUVO and through iTest I have verified that the communication works reliably.

I’m ready to take part in tuning this device, which is older, but still on sale and expanded.

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Hi David!

I have a Grand Concerto as well, and I’m hoping you’re willing to share your custom code set! It’d save me a lot of work. Thank you!


would be greatly appreciated if you could share this code set? would love to be able to control nuvo grand concerto in my roomie application.