On-state delay suggestion


Could I suggest a non-conditional on-state delay configuration option for all devices? ie that option could be used whether or not power on is tracked and on both IR and IP controlled devices.

For instance, I have a ip controlled receiver. And even though I can power it on with ip Control, it still takes almost 10 seconds (only on power up) to accept any further commands.


“non-conditional on-state delay” – This sounds like you could just simplify it as “delay”. If it’s non-conditional, what does it have to do with anything else? If you want to delay whenever you turn on your receiver with discrete power commands, insert the appropriate delay whenever you send POWER ON.

Hey Will,
Wouldn’t adding a delay affect whenever I open another activity? Let’s say I powered on my receiver and it went to hdmi 1 for my Apple TV. If I were to then open my activity for Directv which is input 2 wouldn’t it delay by 10 seconds because of the delay after the power on command?
Or does SC keep track of the receiver already being on and ignore that?

It doesn’t. Each time I change an activity I experience an unnecessary 10 second delay.

That’s why I made the suggestion.

That’s why I focused on this term. If you want an unconditional delay, obviously we already provide that. We also provide various conditional delays. We also provide delays based on power tracking of devices with no discrete power. Global delays, etc. Anyway, not going to go through every single kind of delay here.

It sounds like what you actually want would be a very much conditional delay based on whether an IP controllable device was already turned on before sending a command. You can basically do that now with an inline activity that has both start and stop commands. It will remember state. People use that for a “TV” button or a “Projector” button etc.

Hi Will

I tried as you suggested. I set up an in-line activity with my receiver. It works perfect.

However, it’s kind of a hassle and far more work (and not elegant) than just having an option to add an on-state delay.

Another consequence is that the inline activities show up on my room screen - as menu items I will never use.

Anyway, the previous version of Simple allowed me to add an onstate delay regardless of the type of device I was setting up. Don’t get me wrong - I love v5. Just don’t get why something like an onstate delay was removed as an option.


Glad it works for you.

Still don’t know what you’re talking about relative to any previous feature, and since I wrote all that in the old version and the new version and nothing like that was removed, there is some kind of terminology or logic issue in communicating what you’re talking about. If you configured something in the old version at that level, then I suspect you can still configure whatever it is you did before, but it may have a different name/flow.

Ok - let me clarify

From my network I added a Pioneer VSX-1020 - an older ip controlled receiver in my Rec Room. SimpleControl automatically added an on-state delay in the setup. Runs perfectly.

However, when I added my Pioneer VSX-1130 - a newer ip controlled receiver in my Living Room - SimpleControl did not include the onstate delay in the setup. The 1130 requires one for the reason I explained in my original post. Problem is, I cannot add an onstate delay to this setup.

Both devices are set as the primary volume device and to always turn on. But only the older receiver got the onstate delay.

My suggestion was to give us the option to add an onstate delay regardless of whether or not SimpleControl determines it is required or not.


Pioneer Receiver IP control has had discrete codes going all the way back to at least 2009 and that has been supported in both V4 and V5. The decision to provide Track Power State (which leads to the addition of the Power On Delay option) is: the device has a power toggle command and does not have discrete power commands. Perhaps a bug in a prior release might have mis-applied that logic if that worked differently for you.