Onkyo TX-8050 support

Is this model supported via ip? Many similar models are, but this one’s not listed.
Also is it possible to control volume on several receivers from the same screen?

That model does not support IP control.

You do want to make sure different receivers are configured in different rooms.


For the receivers - listing them in different rooms - can you add multiple rooms to control volume on all of them at the same time? i.e. for a whole house audio?

Roomie has no room limit assuming you have the Home Theater Pack. You can have as many different rooms configured as you like.

There is only one Onkyo protocol, so it is possible that models we don’t list could work. If you do find any, please let us know.

I think you are not understanding my question about the rooms.
Can I on one screen - without moving to a different screen control volumes for 2 different devices in 2 different rooms?

Sure. If you wanted to do that, you would add both zones for the same receiver in the same room. You would then edit the remote design for the Activity in which you wanted both receivers running to add appropriate buttons for the second zone.