Open URL In Remote

I can add an activity to open an URL which is very useful. But I have also run across situations where it would be more convenient to add a button to my custom remote to invoke an URL.

For example, I have an Marantz AM/FM/XM tuner. I’ve created a simple remote for it with a minimum of buttons. Since the Roomie Guide doesn’t have XM as a provider, it would be nice to be able to bring up a list of XM channels by displaying an URL (such as a guide at the Siruis/XM site).

Even better, there’s an XMFan site that updates current song information in real time. So if I’m in the XM activity with the remote on screen, it would be great if I could press a button and go to that URL within Roomie to see the artist information, and then return to the remote. As opposed to going out of the activity and starting a separate activity.

The Tuner has Artist/Song display on the front panel, but it’s in a rack in my Family Room and I’m distributing the audio throughout the house, so glancing at the tuner isn’t an option. And there’s no feedback support presently to get this information from this receiver (assuming I hooked it up via RS232), so Roomie can’t fetch and display it within the remote.


Opening a URL from a button on a Virtual Remote is indeed a feature of Roomie 1.9.

Thank you.