Panasonic VT/ZT IP Input Commands

I noticed that the January library update included explicit IP input commands for these Panasonic televisions. Can you confirm? Previously it was stated that explicit input commands were available only via IR or serial. Unfortunately, the ZT (doesn’t have a serial input), and in my case IR control is not desirable.

Discrete input commands do now exist in the Panasonic IP TV control set. However, we’re not sure if they work on the 2012 models (GT50/VT50). They do work on the 2013 ZT60/VT60.

Thank you.

Thank you. I do have a 2013 ZT60. Although I can get the discrete input commands to work from the remote, they do not seem to work from within an activity. do you have a recommendation re: delay settings from power on?

Yes, it’s standard with most devices that a delay is needed after turning them on before issuing an input change command. The exact timing is something best tested on site.

Thank you.