PC trackpad/mouse emulation?

Starting with v1.6.0, MCE Controller for windows now supports “mouse simulation”… is there any chance that this could bring us trackpad/mouse support via Roomie? That would be amazing to have for controlling PCs to go along with the keyboard. Thanks, keep up the great work!

How about Mac trackpad/mouse emulation while you’re at it

love the Keyboard support, this is the last thing missing for Roomie to become a truly universal remote for my system

Many thanks for all the great work!

+1, trackpad/mouse would be great.

I’d love this, would be great for more devices too, ps3, xbox360 etc.

+1, trackpad/mouse, and keyboard would be great to work with Windows. The one from Splashtop Touchpad is a good working example. Would be better with an automatic connection though.

Trackpad/keyboard for mac would be fantastic. I hate having to switch back and forth between Roomie and Rowmote.

+1. very happy with roomie using on window htpc. For media centre it’s great, but if you need to jump out and tweak any windows settings, look up Imdb on the web etc i am jumping over to hippo remote. It’s nifty in that it has mouse pad/gestures and hotakes. Can also have quick links to run key program’s like power DVD, NETFLIX VIA web etc etc. would so love to do all that via one app, of course being this one !!

Another +1 here for MCE mouse control over RoomieRemote. No more VNC’ing onto a HTPC would just be awesome!

I too find myself switching between Rowmote and Roomie all the time. Trackpad/mouse control for Mac would be great!


I use Spashtop too, but I think Roomie could do it better! Please!

+1 !

I use “Mobile Mouse” and I need to switch between apps all the time !

At least it would be great to have the possibility to run or kill some Exe that we can control with Roomie (like MCE, VLC or iTunes).

Agreed, i am forever changing to rowmote to control the mac on my TV… if this could be integrated to roomie i wouldn’t need any other app at all which would be awesome.

Actually, shortly after the last post in this thread, we released Roomie Agent which provides exactly this among its many features.

See the bottom of the Roomie Agent page here:


The mouse and screen control provided by Roomie Agent is fully integrated into Roomie and part of the Virtual Remote.

Thank you.