Persistent display of room icons on all remotes

I have near-identical AV setups in multiple rooms. When Roomie’s already running, I often switch to it, see the remote for the device I need to address, and I start tapping – only to discover, after a bit of frustration, that I’m actually inadvertently sending commands to the identical device in a different room.

At the top of the activities grid, we see the icon for the currently selected room. Can we please have the same icons displayed automatically when viewing activity and device remotes?

(Of course, if you think some users might not want this, it could be an option we could enable/disable via preferences.)


I would suggest adding the ability to give all the activities for a room a different color. Like blue for great room, pink for kitchen etc. this would make it easier to identify which room you’re in.

I respect your opinion, but I prefer minimal solutions. The icons are unobtrusive, and they’re already displayed on other pages. For me, the ideal solution to this (and any) problem is the simplest one. Simply displaying the existing icons persistently would be sufficient.