Physical Switches

Good Evening
I would like to develop a wall switch that can be programmed to send commands to SimpleControl via IP.
The input could be from physical switches or a touch screen.
I have been thinking of the Raspberry Pi with a PoE input. (I have network cable to each light switch) but could also be connected via wifi
The idea would be that a specific button would be say “Sky TV” which would start the activity Sky TV and then there would also be a room off button.
Can SimpleControl accept IP inputs from a device which is not in their system?
Thank You

Take a look here specifically at the HTTP interface guide. I’ve used this to send commands from a multi button Insteon switch through my controller and on to Simple Control. Works quite well.


Hi Dave.
Thats going to keep me entertained for many hours!!!

So i have successfully run the GET commands but I’m unable to successfully run any POST commands.

I’m currently running the commands from a MacBook Pro in Terminal. Ultimately will be running from a Arduino but want to get the commands working first!

Good GET Commands that have returned results for my complete set up.
curl -X GET
curl -X GET

Post commands that I have not had success with

Send Commands
curl -X POST ‘’ -X POST -d ‘{ “delay”
: “1000”, “commands” : [ { “type” : “command”, “params” : { “command” : “MUTE” , “device” : “89CBF3F5-8277-4415-98A7-8CA3FE673E82” } }
] }’

   "status" : "success",
   "data" : {
"code" : 200 } 

Run Acctivity
curl -x POST -d { “activity_uuid":“553B6548-51A4-40DB-B5AC-95565C139F82” }

   "status" : “success",
   "data" : { 
   "code" : 200

Any thoughts on how to get the POST commands working would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


I’m now able to get the POST commands working from the “Simple REST Client” Plugin on Google Chrome. The data looks like this;

Method - POST
Data - {“activity_uuid” : “B3BE9EB5-2771-4FE8-ADD1-A3140B6E01A6” }

Method - POST
Data - {“commands” : [ { “type” : “command”, “params” : { “command” : “VOLUME UP” , “device” : “BC5918A0-2B18-4922-82A4-D7CBDA406606” }}]}

Now its down to getting the Arduino the send these commands on to the SimpleHub in the right format when a button is pressed!

Did you get this setup? Ive managed to control my activities in SimpleControl from Home Assistant. However, the devices wont work. with the sendcommands call. It returns Success but nothing happens. I ended up using the iTach component for Home Assistant to send IR codes directly, which works.