Pioneer PDP-4350HD - input selection

I’m using an iTach IP2IR to control a Pioneer PDP-4350HD using code set 1. Everything but the input selection seems to work great. With code set 1 selecting a specific input (e.g. input 1, input2, etc.) doesn’t respond, but using the command to cycle through the inputs does work (but cannot be deterministically programmed). If I teach custom codes the input selections work fine, but then I seem to lose the option to automatically use the TV for all volume control.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Either you should learn all of the codes into a new command set and then use that device for everything, or you should retain the built-in set for everything, add a second device using your supplemental codes, and insert input change commands into your Activities from the second device.

Thank you.

I have the same issue with a Pioneer PDP-5061. The input scroll works, the direct input commands don’t. I created a brand new device and taught it the input commands, however they still don’t work. Any ideas?