Power Codes for Logitech PS3 Adaptor?

The Logitech PS3 Bluetooth adaptor is listed in the supported devices. However, there doesn’t seem to be any power codes for it. Are these planned? Am I missing something? I’m well aware that powering off the PS3 is a little weird and requires a sequence of commands to basically walk through the shutdown dialog, but as it is, I don’t even have the option of trying to make my own macro as there’s no power-related commands at all.

Playstation 3 devices are “powered on” by the Playstation button. There is no Power button. So the button arrangement in that command set is appropriate for the device.

Ah, now I see the PS button on the image of the actual PS3 remote. But there’s nothing equivalent on the virtual remote.

On the Virtual Remote, the button is called “PLAYSTATION”.

I’m not deliberately trying to be obtuse–I’m running the most recent version of the app on iOS6 on an iPhone 4S and it’s simply not there. Here’s screen captures:


You’re correct. On that model it’s called “START”. There on your 3rd image.

Ah. I hope you’ll forgive me for missing that; I assumed it part of the myriad bluray commands that are rarely used. Any possibility of getting it replaced with a PS logo a la the Guide button image on the Xbox 360 virtual remote? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience and astoundingly quick answer.

The Remote Design is editable for any Activity. You can just add a button in the Top Bar with the PS3 image sending the START command.

Yeah, I figured I’d be doing custom images eventually, since I wanted to add some activities for the Nintendo GameCube and the Playstation 2.