Powerful program calling syntax?

Hammers has suggested a new way (to me at least) of calling Sonos on the iphone from within RoomieRemote.

I was messing with it and found out that there are MANY programs which can be called from within Roomie.

In the URL field, it appears that the syntax is ProgramName://

Then indicate “open in safari”

So for example: sonos:// opens the sonos iphone app.

maps:// opens the maps app

soundhound:// opens that app

and the best one for me so far is:

Remote:// opens the appleTV remote.

I’ve found 10 that work so far and that’s as far as I’ve gone.

It would appear that as long as you know the actual “call name” or app name that the iphone

this works. Not sure how to determine the name for some, but the obvious ones seem to be working.

Seems to be a one-way process, but perhaps there is a way to return.


Cool stuff.

We have a FAQ on that topic:


A few more that worked:







Trip Advisor

The question now is, how do you tell the other app (eg Sonos) to get you back to Roomie?

You can’t. The magic…one day…wish list…apple problem not Roomie… will be the ability to run apps in the Roomie web window. Until then… you get what u get and u don’t get upset.