Putting Mac mini to sleep via roomie remote

Is there a way to put a Mac mini to sleep? If so what’s easiest way?

Sure. My setup is somewhat complicated so I am sure it can be done simpler. I have added the Mac sleep command to a shortcut using FastScripts and then associated the shortcut with a virtual USB keyboard (Flirc) which is my actual “device”. I then added the sleep command to a button in Roomie. I also use it in the System Off routine.


I have been using roomie to send command to “remote buddy express”. You would use the cursor commands sent from roomie to remote buddy express. Those cursor command would then select the sleep function on remote buddy’s menu. During the shutdown macro command mine looks something like: Cursor Up, Cursor Up, Cursor Up and Cursor Enter.

Side note:

Remote buddy is nice for opening programs on your mac mini using similiar macro commands.