Real estate



Yesterday I saw a video of someone show off his Roomie. At some point he slid the Guide to the right and the Remote expanded over the two columns. How did he do that?

On my setup my remote wil stay in one centered column when I slide away the guide…



On iPad sized screens, we automatically expand to a 2 column remote view if and only if (1) the amount of content in the non-Grid button section of the remote exceeds the vertical height of the Virtual Remote area. In other words, your Top Bar plus Directional Pad etc. Many Virtual Remotes simply don’t need that much content. For instance, a Roku would never have enough to exceed that height. (2) Space is available because the Guide is closed or the Activity panel is closed.

In the absence of conditions 1 and 2, the Virtual Remote will build vertically to scroll.

Thank you.