Receiver music control for Denon 1912

Hi, does support for in-Roomie Pandora music control work on the Denon AVR -1912? I have similar functionality but the Roomie virtual remote is all buttons, no display.


Yes, that’s part of Roomie 1.5. It’s in Apple’s hands at this point when that goes live on the App Store. Probably within the next week.

Super, thanks. Should’ve checked my version…

By the way, Insteon support is really cool, thanks for doing that! With Pandora support I will soon achieve nerd-vana at home!

Wow, I can’t wait for 1.5 and I’m surprised Apple is just sitting on it.

I have the 1912 as well and an iTunes music server, so I need 1.5 like now and stuff.

The issue with 1.5 has just been resolved. We expect it to be live within a couple of business days now.

It’s up, and it works with the Denon 1912! Nice!

After using Roomie with the 1912 for awhile, I’m not reliably getting feedback from the receiver to the remote. I’ve tried to use the manual IP method without any better luck. In fact tonight I’m not even getting volume feedback on either the discovered or manually configued remote.

Any suggestions?

That’s often a symptom of more than one iOS device connecting in which case make sure only one Roomie connects at a time per the FAQ below. Also, make sure the receiver is only configured once in the room (at least only once for IP control, an IR version wouldn’t matter). Another note would be to check for the latest firmware as they have certainly fixed numerous issues.