Receiver that does not need “single connection”?

I am shopping for a new AV receiver.

Which brands do NOT need a single connection (Primary Controller) the way Denon, Marantz, Onkyo and Pioneer receivers need?


The answer generally varies within brands.

There are ways to use many Denon receivers multi-connection using the “AVR Series IP” code set. However, they offer fewer commands using that interface, and some models don’t support it. Their main code set does have connection limits. It may not always be 1 though. So one path is simply to try your model by turning off relay in the advanced settings of the device.

Yamaha is the reverse of Denon in that respect. Their secondary protocol (“YNCA”) has connection limits, and their main protocol does not (“YXC”). Given that their main protocol has all of the possible commands, it may be the most direct answer to your question.

But again, at least for the two major brands Denon (aka Marantz) and Yamaha, the answer is not just binary. Onkyo/Pioneer definitely has connection limits, and only has their one protocol, so in this context it may be the most limited.

Broadly, I would not make a purchasing decision between Denon and Yamaha based on this factor. Both are excellent and should be driven by whatever other factors exist for you.

You can also use a global cache rs232 connection to the denon (make sure the model you’re looking at has rs232) to avoid this limitation, and have feedback to Roomie. The flex with a serial cable can accept multiple connections and allow serial control of the receiver. Agree with Will I wouldn’t abandon denon for this one issue.