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It would be nice to be able to turn on music or television at a programmed time without user initiation. A simple day of the week and time selector to execute a sequence could do it. With this feature we could set music or news to come on in the morning as an alarm or after we wake, or when we arrive home, etc. Are there any plans to incorporate this feature into Roomie?

Can anyone please tell me if roomie has a sleep timer feature? I posted the same question on Facebook but thought I might have better luck on here. I’m seriously considering returning my Logitech Link and investing in roomie.

Thanks in advance.

+1 sleep timer would make this app complete

Agree with this request. Having the app lock the phone is awkward - force one to unlock iPhone first before changing channel or volume. On the other hand, setting the app to “never lock” drains the battery really fast. What would be perfect is a sleep feature that dims the screen and puts the app into low-power mode, though without locking the phone, and then turns it on as soon as someone picks it up…

This has been mentioned before, but this is definitely a feature that my Harmony 900 has that I will miss if I ditch it to exclusively run Roomie in my home.

+1 The ability to create a timer activity would be awesome. I guess the real question would be if IOS supports a timer event that could activate the roomie app and run a command after a certain period of time…

Hey everybody. I’ve been using Roomie about 2 weeks now and LOVE IT. Replacing Harmony remotes. My system has 6 rooms with a mix of native IP control and a few IP2IR boxes including lighting control.

One of the features I had on my Harmony remotes was the ability to set a “sleep” countdown timer. This is useful when you are laying in bed, you know you are going to fall asleep within 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes (whatever timeout you select) and you want your system to completely power down automatically after that time elapses.

Ideally, I was thinking this would be something you could enable by editing the particular activity and turning on the option. Once you do that, a smaller button would appear to the right of the activity. Most often the activity you would use this with would be System Off but why restrict it to just that? Anyway if the user clicks that button (probably a ZZZ icon or something) Roomie would prompt for the sleep timer, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 120 min, or custom. Click done and it will execute that activity (usually system off) when that time elapses.

Anyway that’s my suggestion. Keep up the GREAT WORK! This thing is awesome and actually really fun to set up!




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Would it be possible to have some type of scheduler that could turn on system at a given time?

I would also like to be able to program my system to turn on and wake me up in the morning.

This app needs a sleep timer for those of us with Projectors who want to save their lamp life

Timer function in general would be awesome. I can think of many uses such as turning lights on and off, sleep timer, camera control. Let’s do it!

Yes Please!

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I don’t see where this feature request was included in 2.0. VERY DISAPPOINTING! if you peruse the forums, you’ll see this functionality requested multiple times since the last post in this thread.


When will a timed turn-on/turn-off/alarm clock function be added??

We recognize this is a desired feature. We have never committed to a release for this, but in general this is a likely future feature. For 2.0, we simply had to get it out ASAP for iOS 7 support.

Thank you.

Thank you for your response and acknowledgement. Your product is an excellent one and I look forward to future improvements.

Actually, what would be nice is a new class of object, something like activities, but executed based upon external event. Examples would be timers, Global Cache sensor inputs, etc. Then you could create entries under this class for the given events and enter actions when the event occurs.

This post should probably be here as well.


Just want to add i think the next evolution of roomie to set it apart from everyone else would be voice commands and timers. That would make it incredibly powerful home automation system with roomies simpleness and user friendly setup.

I watched some home automation videos on youtube, and alot of android users use things like automagic and autovoice to do things like this, but it looked difficult and i missed roomies simplicity. Some pretty cool setups.
One thing I would like to add to this is if roomie could excute events based on conditions, i think thats what the poster above me is suggesting. One home automation system using android I noticed allowed execution of events based on when his phone joins his home network. It was really cool, as he pulled up to his house and his cell phone was in range lights turned on, tv came on, music came on, basically an activity was excuted. I assume adding something like this to roomie wouldnt be to hard, but would open up a world of possibilities.

Timed commands are part of Roomie 2.1. You set a time, commands execute at that time, choose which days, combine with sounds, run Activities, snooze alarm, etc.

Timers are not part of 2.1. That would be like a generic “execute in 30 minutes”.

We’ve never seen voice control of AV equipment executed well. When we feel we have a good model to work towards, we’re interested in that. Until then, the idea of speaking to your AV equipment while the death star is blowing up at 120 decibels seems comically non-functional. “VOLUME DOWN! VOLUME DOWN!! ARGH WHY DOESN’T IT UNDERSTAND ME WHEN I CAN’T EVEN HEAR MYSELF TALK!” Sure, it’s sensible from a generic home automation perspective of “I’m home, turn the lights on” and that’s a somewhat secondary feature level for us.

Roomie 2.1 does have some additional super cool conditions upon which it bases command execution, and those will be announced soon.

Thank you.